Exceed3rd - Jade Penetrate - Black Package

Exceed 3rd Jade Penetrate - Black Package is the fourth game in the Exceed series. This is the newest game, and the "Black Package" is an update of the original Jade Penetrate. The story between the two versions is still the same. Players will control Reim, a young girl who followed a tournament to become the greatest mage. In this game players will listen same soundtrack and fight against the same bosses as the original Jade Penetrate. The difference between the two is interface design, enemies, sub bosses, bullet patterns and exceed attack released by players. This game was released in Comiket 72 2007. Everything about this game from the bullet patterns to the character design is absolutely beautiful. Much like Exceed2nd, this is a beautifully crafted game. Difficult to find, and consistently selling out as this is one of the more popular games on this site. If you have anything less than a pentium IV, I don't recommend this title as graphically it may put a strain on your system. Demo version available in the Free Software section. Highly recommended.