Murasame Kuso Game Archives

A compilation put together by PlantineDispostif of some of their most popular titles. Only one of the titles on this anthology is a shmup, but the disc has been getting enough attention lately that I felt compelled to include it in my collection. The shooter included is from 2005 and is from an isometric Viewpoint… haha.. see what I did there? :| So.. Yeah - It's like the maid version of Zaxxon or Viewpoint. Included titles on this disc are:

- Maid-san wo Migi ni (platformer) - 2004
- Royal Edoma Engine (Shmup) - 2005
- Bunny Must Die / Chelsea and the 7 Devils (Platformer) - 2006

A great deal if I say so myself - 3 games for the price of one!