Armed Seven

This is another side-scrolling blast-a-thon that will fill your entire monitor with bullets, lasers, and giant robots. Fans of this genre rarely demand revolutionary changes from new shooters – they merely want a good-looking, challenging experience that will test their reflexes and get their blood pumping. Armed Seven fulfills these requirements and more.
Although it makes no reference to Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser, Armed Seven appears to be a sequel, as it takes place 12 years after the Gogoh invasion mentioned in that other game. The human race is once again on the verge of extinction and only YOU can save it by blasting all the bad guys to hell. Much like Vulkaiser, every shot you fire helps build your power meter. Once it's full you can unleash an enormous laser blast that fills up a good chunk of the screen and lasts a few moments. Your regular laser can be powered up, and you can also pick up shields that will allow you to take a couple hits before you lose a life. At the beginning of a game you can select a primary weapon, sub-weapon, and charge beam.
Armed Seven features giant boss fights with transforming vehicles. The bosses usually have a few different forms they will change into as you destroy their armor. When one of these massive enemies shows up a countdown timer will appear at the top of the screen. If you haven't defeated them by the time the countdown reaches zero they will self-destruct, robbing you of their mega points.
Players can pilot their giant robot with either a controller or their keyboard. Flying up and down will aim your gun in that direction, but holding down the fire button will lock your weapon in place. It's an interesting feature but we find keeping it locked straight ahead works best.
Once you've completed a stage you can restart from that point in the game. Armed Seven is great fun and is recommended to any shoot 'em up fans.

Check out the demo in the free software section.