Free Software / Demos

The software presented here is either freeware or demo versions of software that is currently for sale.

To the best of my knowledge, all software offered here is free and legal. If you know otherwise, please send me an email and the offending software will promptly be taken down. I have no desire to harm or inflict financial damage on the doujin software industry. Titles in red represent what I believe to be some of the best examples of the genre.

If you get a “file missing d3dx…” message, download this patch from microsoft, and everything should be OK:

Direct 3D Web Setup

Blue Wish - Resurrection - Plus! - Full Game!

Cho Ren Sha 68k - Full Game!

Crimzon Clover - Demo

Edens Aegis - Full Game!

Ether Vapor - Demo

Exceed 2nd - Demo

Reflex - Demo

Alltynex Second - Demo

Exceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate - Demo

Flying Red Barrel - Demo

Mikku Sumaruchipurai Supairaru - Demo

Hellsinker - Demo

Alternative Sphere - Demo

Prizhm - Demo

Twilight Refrain - Demo

Lyrical Nanoha 2nd -Tadaima Danmaku Chu! - Demo

Es - Demo / Beta

Demolition Gunner - Full Game!

Genetos - Full Game!

Tori Tatsu - Death Label - Full Game!

QP Shooting - Demo

Radio Zonde - Full Game!

Monster Hearts - Full Game!

Gunners Heart - Demo

Warning Forever - Full Game!

Wrath - Full Game!

Soil - The True Blue - Full Game!

Rally Raid - Full Game!

Aurora Blast - Full Game!

Solid State Survivor - Full Game!

Tails Gear - Demo

Armed Seven - Demo

Ake-Bre - Demo

Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser - Demo

Sora - Demo

Shooters Solitude - Full Game!

Zillion Beatz - Demo

Gigantic Army - Demo

Gundemonium: Recollection - Demo

Guntrex - Full Game!

Star Shooter Maximum 2010 - Full Game!

Shot02 - Full Game!

VIO - Full Game!

Erst Kerf - Demo

Another Apocalypse - Demo

XOP: Black - Full Game!

Idinaloq - Full Game!

Sonic Ironstorm - Full Game!

Space Trance Porter - Demo

Bind Soul - Full Game!

Chibi Shooting - Full Game!

EX - Full Game!

Patriot Dark - Full Game!

Hayabusa - Demo

ring^27 - Demo

Hypersonic Speed Girl - Demo

Shot 03 - Full Game!

Dread Lock - Demo

Valstar - Demo

Satazius - Demo

Ether Vapor HD - Demo

Galamoss Arrangement - Demo

Bloodvayne - Demo

Survival Witches - Demo

Kimigamita Hikari 2 - Demo

Steel Strider - Demo

Astebreed - Demo

Gokkaren - Demo

Mujou (Heartless) - Full Game!

D-Stars - Full Game!

Dokingan - Full Game!

Flew Fighter - Full Game!

Kirisame Blade - Full Game!