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So what are doujin shmups?

Doujin software is a reference to video games created by Japanese hobbyists or hobbyist groups, usually for fun than for profit; essentially, they are the Japanese equivalent of independent games. Most of them are based on pre-existing material, but some are entirely original creations. They are almost always exclusive to Windows-based PCs.
Shmups (also known as STGs) are a subgenre of shooter video games. In a shoot 'em up, the player controls a lone character, often a spacecraft or aircraft, shooting large numbers of enemies while dodging their attacks. Shmups call for fast reactions and usually for the player to memorize levels and enemy attack patterns. Newer "bullet hell" games feature overwhelming amounts of enemy projectiles, the patterns of which the player must memorized in order to avoid.

Watch this video for a quick introduction. Oh, and if you see something you like, take note of the title because you can probably find it for sale here.. :0)

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*With a few exceptions, all doujin games are $25.00 each.

(Gigantic Army, Trouble Witches, Hellsinker and Crimzon Clover are a bit more..)

Standard (slow) shipping included for the low, low price of $8.00 for any amount of items to any country** - However, I DO NOT SHIP TO FRANCE. If your shipping address is in France, your order will be refunded. Too much fraud and missing packages for such a small country. If you need your games to arrive at your door faster, (for an extra fee of course) please email. I will respond within 24 hours, and usually in less than 6.

**Unfortunately Japan Post does NOT offer SAL service to Taiwan, China, or S. Korea - As such your postage may be a bit more.

All games are new, retail packaged, and Akihabara fresh. For used items, unless specifically stated, I make no claims that items are complete and may be missing items such as spine cards, warranty cards, original price tags, booklets, or other assorted knick-knacks. As these are Japanese games, expect that some text and dialogue will be in Japanese. Usually some knowledge of Japanese is needed to operate/install. (Or have patience/be a lucky guesser) Please consider these points when ordering.

Unless noted in the games description, all software is for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Excepting defective discs, no refunds or returns will be accepted.

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